Fred Reeves started Fred Reeves Construction Company in the mid 1950’s in North
Wilkesboro, North Carolina. The company was then known as Reeves Lumber and Coal
Yard. With the incline in construction during this time period he began doing small grading
projects in the small town and in the surrounding areas. By 1959 larger grading projects
and more versatile equipment allowed him to undertake projects that now included
demolition, residential and industrial grading, along with clearing operations. During this
time period the company sponsored two racecars, which were on the same circuit that is
today known as NASCAR.  

In mid 1964 Fred tragically passed on, leaving his children Donna and Fred Jr., and wife
Ethel. The company was still small and the loss was heavily felt. Fred Jr. performed
managerial tasks and worked in the field through high school and college. He was able to
add equipment, and sustain a growing number of clients from year to year. Fred Jr.
continued in his father’s footsteps performing small grading projects and digging the
foundations for many structures. He was also able to take on some demolition projects,
along with many water and waste water system improvement projects.  

During the late 1970’s and very early 80’s the company was restructured and
incorporated. The company grew considerably in size during this time period and almost
doubled its resources within 3 years. The company added two rubber-tired backhoes, a
track loader, a tandem axle dump truck, a nine-ton and twelve-ton tag along trailer, and
support equipment. In 1983 the company added surveying and laser equipment to its
inventory giving it a technological edge over the competitors. This also allowed Fred Jr. to
take on even larger projects and provide clients with more accurate feedback on

In 1985 the projects that were performed by Fred Jr. and his company grew too large for
the machines in the existing fleet. Due to this, the company added a twenty metric ton
hydraulic excavator to increase productivity. This new addition sparked growth in the
company. The next three years saw the additions of a tractor-trailer, large trench shields,
lifting equipment, a new skid steer loader, and much more. The company had again for the
second decade in a row doubled in size.

In the early 1990’s Fred Jr. began competing for bided projects throughout the western
part of North Carolina. The company stayed within 100 miles of the home base in North
Wilkesboro most of the time, although some projects were in areas that encompassed a
300-mile radius.  

While traveling a little more and working on larger projects the company soon saw the
need for a horizontal boring unit that he could use on water and waste water system
upgrades and installations. The addition of a trenchless rig came in 1995, and brought with
it the capabilities of drilling up to 24 inches in diameter, and lengths exceeding 100 feet.
This added to the companies trenchless capabilities that were previously limited to only 14
inches in diameter and 30 feet in length.

In 2005 Josh Reeves, Fred's son began to assist with projects.  In 2009 he challenged the
building test and received his NC building license.  Josh has been a great asset to Fred
Reeves Construction.

The company still continues to grow in size and is consistently taking on larger projects.
Fred Jr. is still the President and CEO, and continues to help manage projects.
Fred Reeves, Sr.
Race Cars